Among the neighbourhoods of Vancouver that are consistently coveted for its beauty and location is Coal Harbour. With its downtown views, scenic sights, and the seemingly endless things to do there, here are some of the reasons why you should be investing in Coal Harbour real estate.

Things to Do

There is so much to do in this beautiful hamlet in Downtown Vancouver. The area is full of public art, making for perfect photo opportunities. You can also visit the Jack Poole Plaza, where the 2010 Olympics Games flame was housed while the Olympics were held in Vancouver. Then there’s the Vancouver Convention Centre, a popular attraction with events taking place on a regular basis that cater to a wide range of interests.

As if sight-seeing weren’t enough, there are a number of gorgeous parks in the area that make it extremely attractive for investors. Coal Harbour is home to Vancouver’s most popular park, and its largest, Stanley Park, as well as the Vancouver Seawall, a recreational spot that sees thousands of visitors a day. There’s also the Burrard Inlet, a fjord that offers stunning views of the mountain range and the sea.

It isn’t surprising that when looking to buy Coal Harbour real estate, you will see a great deal of interest because of how much there is to do there.


Like most metropolitan areas, Coal Harbour is no stranger to shopping culture. There are tons of small stores, many of which are owned by locals, that do excellent business, adding to the general vibe of luxury in the area.

These local shops also contribute to what makes Coal Harbour such an attractive place to invest. With the local market booming, real estate also grows – which is why so many people want to invest in the area.


Not only are there plenty of things to see and do, most Coal Harbour condos go for sale near popular restaurants. These fashionable joints are favoured by locals and make consistently great food all year-round. And you have your pick of smaller cafes with alfresco dining, right to the more expensive restaurants in hotels with waterfront views. With the numerous parks around, there’s always a place for you to sit and enjoy your meal in scenic surroundings.


Alongside the many dining options, there are also a variety of pubs dotted around the waterside and near the Convention Centre with brews from all over the world. But most residents tend to enjoy the local craft beers and wines from B.C., which are available in extraordinary numbers.


There is already a lot of investment in Coal Harbour properties but as it is a closed off community, one can expect very few changes in the market, which makes it ideal for investing. Before making the decision to invest in property, you will want to speak to a professional about your options. As someone who has extensive experience managing properties in Coal Harbour, I can share with you my advice on how to make the right choice and the best investment for you.